Corporate arbitrage

RinLaP is a holding company that operate in part as a business incubator providing full structural support to our partners.

We develop workable business models, and provide our partners with the tools necessary to relaunch and maintain their growth. By lowering operating overhead through negotiating cost, providing software, as well as crafting rental and service agreements etc…

Partnering with RinLa is a must if you’re serious entrepreneur that’s ready to take your business to the next level. Together we can effectively create a blueprint to revitalize your companies business model. Our team believe in creating a diversify portfolio of renewable income for our partners.

At RinLaP the process always start with a brainstorming session. Once the ideas are fully formed. We then designed the blueprint. Creating a special calendar for follow through, with key steps for implementation of the concepts and improved the techniques into each unique business.
Key elements

We know what it take to makes a business successful. We’re here to help you with some of the key elements to achieve that success. We’ll start with a sound business plan designed with R&D, forecasting, manufacturing, Advertising intricacies.

As a holding company RinLaP at time deals with corporate arbitrage.


Building brands is second nature to us at RinLaP.

We have build our company on knowing how to increase brand awareness while creating value for the customers. We make it easy for companies to partner with us by making the services we provided À la carte as standalone services to the general public. Package option are also available to companies at group rate.